About LKY

Belief & Family Values

Lee Kim Yew (李金友) is the firm believer in Chinese Traditional Culture. He believes in the philosophy of Confucius and always tries to put the philosophy into practice for the meaning of life, compassion and sincerity. He strives to improve himself for not being selfish and benefit all.

Lee Kim Yew (李金友) takes a keen interest in Chinese Education and Chinese culture, Buddhism, health farms, environmental protection and preservation, nature and youth activities. He supports young entrepreneurs through his service as the President of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia. He belongs to the Malaysian Chinese Culture Society and Patronizes Chinese schools and student bodies actively. 

He has been the Patron of the Young Malaysian Movement since 1990.  He is the founder of the Malaysia Chinese Business Council where he was the Chairman for 10 years from 2002 to 2012. He is also the Chairman of the Cheng Ho Multi Cultural Trust and also the founder of the renowned World Chinese Economic Summit. 

Tan Sri Lee has been blissfully married for 35 years.  Family value is the most important in his life. Together with his wife, Puan Sri Tan Bee Hong, they have five children, and now proud grandparents of eight. Tan Sri Lee is a devoted husband and father who make every effort to spend quality time with his family, despite a very hectic work and travel schedule. In his leisure time, he enjoys a round of golf, a spot of photography, and a healthy vegetarian meal. He does qigong regularly, Chinese calligraphy, enjoys reading and collecting books on health, nature, flowers, culture and architecture; and involves himself in community work. He is also an avid art collector, antique and artefacts.

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