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Part 1: Wake Up Malaysia!

Updated: May 8, 2019

Wake Up Malaysia, the time has come, parliament has just been dissolved, with GE 14 around the corner, political parties have started campaigning way ahead of time, flying their flags everywhere against the EC regulations, we Malaysian see an ocean of political parties flags ahead of the EC Announcement, the question is what is our role at this crossroads?

For me, now the time has come, to re- mind the political parties, that no matterhow many party flags they fly, there is only one flag which is the most important Flagto US, that is our Jalur Gemilang, our na-tional flag. We need to assert our country comes first, everything else comes second by invoking and raising the Jalur Gemilang – Wake Up Malaysia.

Let’s be reminded of our “Kesetian kepada Raja dan Negara”, our loyalty is to King and Country which is enshrined in our Rukun Negara as the basis of wellbe-ing for all Malaysians. The Rakyat ownsthe political parties, the political parties do not own the country, so don’t allow the po- litical parties to do whatever they like, we urge that everything must follow the spirit of the Constitution and in accordance toRukun Negara.

How wonderful it would be if after the GE14, all candidates who have won will be addressed as “YANG BERKHIDMAT” instead of “Yang Berhormat”. Is not that ultimately the YB’s berkhidmat untuk negara dan bukan menjadi “Berhormat” untuk diri sendiri, Let’s remind the YBs that the country comes first and this is my simple idea of the Jalur Gemilang Patriotic Seminar. A simple idea for all Malaysians who want to get involved, the time has come.

Let’s raise the Jalur Gemilang to remind everyone that the country comes first.

Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew



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