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A Mask is A Must.

To all Malaysians,

It is compulsory to wear a mask when you are outside. As a responsible citizen, we must support the Government's efforts and obey the Restricted Movement order to stop Covid-19 from spreading.

China took 15 days to build a factory to produce 3 million pieces of mask a day. The Government should reach out to them to get more masks and make it a compulsory to wear the masks as long as we are out from the safety of our homes. If possible, a new law should be in place only for these 14 days to enforce the people to make sure they wear masks.

For those who were part of the "panic buy" and who have stocked up 100s of masks, please be willing to share with those who are in need as well. I believe this is the only most effective way to prevent the virus from spreading.

I hope young people and NGOs will start a social campaign to encourage for people who over stocked their masks to donate their extra masks.

Let's all be responsible and respectful citizens amidst this crisis. Care for yourself and others. Remember, Wearing a Mask is A Must.


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