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A Mask to Replace the Lockdown

Believe in God that this Covid-19 virus is testing mankind.

We have to Walk the Talk.

My belief of this Covid-19, seeing so many countries on lockdown, humans are not just suffering physically or mentally but economically. The question everybody must think is, some countries are locked down for 2 to 3 weeks, others may be up to 6 months. The economy will be damaged or destroyed.

The stopping of the Covid-19 virus is now a test of wisdom and capability of all the political leaders of the World. They now have to walk the talk.

Of course in Malaysia, we as citizens have to be concern of the wellbeing and future of the country too therefore it is everybodies responsibility to slow down this Covid-19 virus.

Here is my view:

The Front Liners are the people and the Last Liners are our Hospital Doctors and Nurses who are our Defenders.

As Front Liners, we should take more measures of prevention than we can slow down this Covid-19 virus from spreading.

I believe fighting this Covid-19 virus is like fighting an invisible war.

To fight this war, we need "weapons". I believe every government should focus on these 5 essential weapons:

Masks - All kinds of masks

PPEs - Personal Protection Equipments

Testing Kits



Of course there are many other facilities that are needed but to me, it is crucial to equip with these 5 essential items to ensure the medical Last Liners does not collapse.

At this moment Prevention is Better than Cure. There are no other methods.

Prevention is the best defense for the Covid-19 virus before the vaccine is found. There is nothing much a human can do until the vaccine is found. If all governments concentrate their efforts to build up the supply of masks for every citizen after the lockdown period, than I believe every government has done their duty. If any of their citizen still catches the Covid-19 virus even with enough supply of masks, that means he/she did not take responsibility in prevention and the government has done its duty.

The lockdown can only be treated as a temporary solution. I hope Malaysia as a country can come together and put more initiative in these 90 days to ensure malaysia has enough masks.

Malaysia is already deemed one of the biggest rubber glove producers in the world, to become the biggest mask producer is not difficult. After 90 days Malaysia must and should be full of masks than we can replace the lockdown with very stringent prevention methods for people to follow.

We have to equip a mask when we travel outside after this MCO session. Based on my belief since the beginning of the MCO I wrote an article titled A Mask is a Must. I would like to happily announce after 10 days of hard work, I have charteted a plane to fly in 1.5 million masks and PPEs.

I have also started an initiative called Bantu-Bantu Malaysia. We provide food within 5km radius near the Palace of the Golden Horses to ensure people have food to eat. We have also distributed 500 bags of Rice to homes.

Bantu-Bantu Malaysia works within our group and other members of families and friends as a joint effort to bring in Masks, PPEs and Testing Kits.

I want to ensure all Malaysians, supply is not a problem now. There are enough Masks and PPEs production and I have all the resources but the challenge is the logistics and money.

With Bantu-Bantu Malaysia, I hope I will get more people of the same compassion to come together to help bring more of those 5 essential items to Malaysia. Hopefully we can grow to a bigger scale than we can extend our help to other Asean countries.

For Bantu-Bantu malaysia, I have converted the Palace of the Golden Horse's Ballroom into the operating centre.

Malaysians, A Mask is the best preventive measure to stop the spread of Covid-19. If it becomes a Law, than maybe it is an opportunity to replace the lockdown. My hope for the future is to Use The Mask to Replace the Lockdown.

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