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A Stable Malaysia

Stability is Above All 穩定勝過一切

This is Deng Xiao Ping's slogan.

This had made China what it is today. After 1976 when Mao died, the horror of the cultural revolution had broken the world's confidence of the communist idolising ideology, but with the Deng's wisdom today after 41 years of open policy, China had peacefully rise up in the world.

The challenges they face in the early years such as Tiananmen square and other uprising of the people had all been over come by believing in the STABILITY of the country ABOVE all.

My firm believe is that Malaysia should learn from the past to create a better future, especially the New Pakatan Harapan government where the faith and hopes of the people and renewed after the 509 election.

We are blessed by God to have Mahathir as a strong and experience leader to rebuild and repair Malaysia. Sadly now a rotten country due to the governing systems which are almost destroyed.

This is the national sentiment only Tun Mahathir can fix and repair the country.

Than we are blessed with Dato Sri Anwar lbrahim @ AI. After Tun Mahathir’s repair to make this country great again, we need Reform. DS Anwar is prepared and have been prepared. He has been chosen to be Tun Mahathir's successor once but that succession plan failed bitterly with unseen and seen reasons..

Of course some we may not have knowledge of but l believe Tun Mahathir knows everything now by discovering after he stepped down. The 15 years without power, he experienced the power of corruption. A power that destroyed everything he built. Now, he has chosen to team up again with AI.

He has made a promise publicly not once but many times that he will hand over to AI as the eighth PM of Malaysia.

The succession plan is so important for a country’s stability! Only with stability then Malaysia can progress. Foreign investment key decisions are based on a country's STABILITY.

Every time when l sing Negaraku, the verse of Tuhan Kurniakan l think of 509! l think of Tun Mahathir! l hope Malaysia and all Malaysians, especially the Malays that we all pray we can pass the test of tolerance by our Tuhan because of CORRUPTION we are backwards.

Also with the recent used term of political suicide that states we are not progressing, l pray the plan of Malay dominated politics will implement smoothly.

The legend of RAHMAN, with the new beginning of legendary MAHATHIR.

The Next A must be Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim. A beautiful relationship of Tun M and AI of less politicking more focus on education and the economy!

Repair by Mahathir, Reform by AI. Together with the vision and mission to rebuild Malaysia. My prayer for Malaysia as a Malaysian is STABILITY above All. Country comes first and everything should come second.


Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew

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