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Bantu-Bantu Malaysia

Believe in God.

The Five Principles of Malaysia's RUKUN NEGARA.

God always test us humans with difficult situations but my personal strong believe is in the Principle of Rukun Negara. It is the best medicine to fix the problems Malaysia is facing.

The changing of the New Government and Prime Minister is a surprise to many people but to me it is an Act of God especially during the most difficult times in Malaysia now. This is a challenge and test we must go through.

l know Tan Sri Muhyiddin for a long time. He is also a recipient of my Benevolent Award and a great supporter of my World Chinese Economics Forum. I work very closely with him during his term of Deputy Prime Minister. He made two official visits to China which I accompanied him under the capacity of President of Malaysia's China Business Council which was founded 17 years ago when President Hu Jin Tao (胡锦涛) during his official visit to Malaysia. The Malaysians China Business Council was founded & funded by me which was later Seized by Najib and passed to Ong Ka Ting than to DAP Tan Kok Wei.

The first visit to China, Tan Sri Muhyiddin successfully brought in Huawei's training centre to Malaysia. This meeting was held in Shanghai.

The second official visit was to the World Chinese Economics Forum in ChongQing. It was a great honour as for the first time a private forum attended by China's Vice President Li Yuanchao (李源潮). He graced the forum together with Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister and of course my good friend former President of Indonesia Pak Susilo Bambang who just retired.

The 7th forum in China was the greatest success of all World Chinese Economic Forums and this l must thank Tan Sri Muhyiddin.

Yesterday's meeting was another successful meeting with TSM (Tan Sri Muhyiddin), a nickname we gave him within our golfing circle. He supports golf because of charity. The TSM golf charity has been very touching not during the golf sessions but when he handed out help to those charities and individuals who needed.

Yesterday's meeting happened at 5 pm. This meeting was all about my initiative of Bantu-Bantu Malaysia. I briefed the Prime minister that l am not doing charity, as l am cash Tight and Asset rich and it is very hard to a get loan from assets in this country as banks only look at cashflow but that's understandable. As for Bantu-Bantu Malaysia, l do it as a non profit movement, (不發國難財). l ensure the public that l will not profit during our country's suffering and that Malaysians will have the 5 Medical Essential Resources especially the masks to flood the market to replace the lockdown as we cannot afford another month of lockdown.

The meeting started with him thanking me for what l did and he was encouraging and gave me his views and information on Covid-19. He also gave lots of guidance.

We must salute him, in 7 days Malaysia built a 600 bed pop up hospital in preparation for if the Covid-19 gets worse which give lots of confidence to Malaysia 🇲🇾.

Our meeting ended in 30 minutes. With this meeting l briefed him to use Chinese Medicine in fighting this virus. This is knowledge and experience of China of Wuhan. There is a report by China government in a press briefing with all statistics and data. He advised me to discuss with Dr Nor Hisham our Covid-19 hero. l am going to do the translation and send to him.

My believe is, if we set up another pop up Chinese hospital to fight Covid-19 which is there is no cure yet, but the Chinese medicine boosts the human immune system and has 5000 years of history.

Next of course with this meeting, with the encouragement and support of the Prime Minister, this Friday l hope the second plane from Xiamen, with the help of Xiamen local government, China Embassy Malaysia, and many friends we will have 12,000 PPEs and 800,000 Masks landed safely at Palace Golden Horse Ballroom at our pop up Bantu-Bantu Malaysia operating centre.

For your information, there are shortages of masks in the market but l believe with the public and private effort and leadership without corruption, all the medical resources of the Five Key Weapons of fighting Covid-19 will be provided and with the spirit of the Five Principles of RUKUN NEGARA - Malaysia should work together to ensure all prevention methods which are implemented by the current government, a government for all Malaysians, to fight this Covid-19 virus and learning from this virus, with no boundaries, no colour, no rich and poor.

Thank you Mr prime minister.

Our Future is in Your Hands.

A Mask is A Must!

Fight this Virus and Learn from this Virus.


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