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Happy Wesak Day - A Meaningful Life

Today is a day we celebrate and renew Buddha's teachings to distance ourselves from suffering and get closer to happiness. Discovering the cause of sufferings should be the daily practice of Buddhism.

Buddhism is an Education. One of the world's great education systems that teaches people to be better humans. Buddha was a great teacher, a person of great enlightenment and wisdom.

This year wesak day is full of significance. The teachers day just passed and we are still in Ramadan Mubarak. It is a time for others to learn from our Muslim brothers and sisters to distance ourselves from all kinds of temptation especially for myself - the temptation of good food.

Being multicultural is one of the greatest strengths of Malaysia just like a beautiful garden, full of all different types of flowers, colours and especially with beautiful background of greens.

Only in my dream land and our dream land MALAYSIA.

Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew


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