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Part 1: Think!

Updated: May 9, 2019

Right vs Wrong, Honesty vs Corruption, Dignity vs Shamelessness!

Malaysians all understand what brings progress to their beloved country. We have experienced all the wrongdoings, retrogression of the country, witnessed the massive corruption. It feels so shameful to claim being a Malaysian when we travel abroad.

l believe these are the three main reasons summed up as "kleptocratic BN government must go" mindset that prevailed. Malaysians not only chose Pakatan Harapan (PH) as the new government, but after forming the government, the people of Malaysia contributed RM 100s of millions to support the PH government. This is an unprecedented example of world-class democracy Malaysians showed the world.

Through a democratic system, Malaysians want a clean government. No corruption completely. l believe the main reasons why the people chose the new government is because they understand that the Economy and Education are important but for the supporters of the Government of the Day, the majority of the voters believe that the immediate remedy to all these key fundamentals of the Country's stability is to curb the corruption that has been seeded for too many decades.

This is the foundation of the future health of Malaysia. The past experience had made us think we have been successful but what is the point if that creates another 10 Jho Lows, another 100 Nazis? What is the point of the effort spent on building the economy?

But Think!

In just less then 365 days, the popularity of PH lost to "Malu Apa Boss ku". The carefully planned PR strategy of Mr. Corruptor, is once again trying to brainwash the young generation, trying to turn black into white.

Jho Low's statements from abroad humiliates the government e.g. the selling of the Equanimity. It seems the fight for human integrity has lost its ground to the "Cash is King Mindset".

The ugly politicians have gathered forces and are now trying to topple the PH government.

Well it is best to wear all black on the 9th of May as Jho Low has not been Tangkap!

Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew


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