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Part 2 - Think!

Wrongdoing vs Mistake

What is the difference between mistake and wrongdoing?

Using politics and politicians as an example, we can say BN had committed lots of wrongdoings that's why the people voted them out and PH had made lots of mistakes in the eyes of Malaysians especially those highlighted by the Media.

Mistakes should be forgiven if one is willing to admit and correct the mistake. Wrongdoings, on the other hand, means committing crimes, such as corruption - the main cause of all failures in Malaysia, which is punishable under the law.

So take a moment and Think!

Malaysia in the past, unfortunately, it seems you can escape from punishment for wrongdoings. Malaysians, and the world in general, especially our younger generation, have difficulty differentiating wrongdoings from mistakes and especially with social media, some of the young are easily misled and manipulated.

I would like to use Tun Mahathir and Najib as education materials to explain the difference between mistake and wrongdoing. In 2009 Tun returned to UMNO to show his support for Najib. In the period of 2014-2015, he realised he made a mistake by discovering how corrupted Najib and his administration were and how all the good institutions have been infested by the corruption culture.

He believed Malaysia would be destroyed. He than admitted his mistake publicly and at the age of 93 he took up the responsibilityto repair the country by joining up with Dato Seri Anwar, Lim Kit Siang, Mat Sabu and with the support of the peopleof Malaysiato overthrow the BN Government.

Their uncompromising courage and integrity won the hearts of many and led Tun to become our Prime Minister once again and this time, to save Malaysians and the Malays and we stood tall once again in the world arena.

Such exemplary leadership in the eyes of the world! In fact, the world has now regards Malaysia positively because of our democracy system and 94 years old statesman.

But to me sadly Malaysia is so inward looking. Malaysians are so naive and always forgets we are living in a Digital World. The world is watching us and yet some people think they can use politicking to get their way.

So now... what is wrong doing?

Let me go back a little to the time of Najib, with the help of Tun M, he took over the PM post from Pak Lah on 3rd April 2009. We now know that by 2011 corruption involving SRC had begun. By 5th May 2013, again with the help of Tun M, Najib called his first own 505 GE13 and won back only Kedah and Perak but lost 3 states Penang, Kelantan and Selangor which marked the worst voting poll for BN in history. Dato Seri Anwar should've won the GE 13.

By 2013, Najib used 1 Malaysia as his political slogan and also used 1MDB to cheat the rakyat which branded Malaysia as the worst international corruption case using the excuse of sovereign funds. 1MDB is like a plague which infected the world financial market. This is wrongdoing and doing wrong to people. Those who are involved must be punished besides Mr. Najib but also Mr Jho Low and many others!

But did the wrong doing stop? The answer is NO!

What Mr Najib is committing now is yet, a bigger wrongdoing, which is 100 times bigger than 1MDB.

As a country we can lose trillions of Ringgit which is visible and can be counted, but as a nation we cannot afford to lose the values and principles of righteousness as a human being, the loss of nilai-nilai murni which cannot be counted.

"We can lose all monies but as a human being wecan never lose our integrity and consciousness."

Our leaders should be role models for the younger generation and if it follows Najib’s footsteps of Malu Apa Bossku, the future of the youth who follows him will be doomed.

Feeling shame is human nature. It pricks our conscience and we must feel the shame and ask for forgiveness if we have committed wrongdoings.

For example, the successful Japanese takes shame to heart and work to defend the family honour. But Najib’s Malu apa bossku? is a blatant destroyer and a very bad example of values for the young to follow. Corruption and this Tidak Malu attitude will surely create very bad karma for Malaysia and Malaysians in the future.

l pray and I urge all of Mr. Najib's friends and family, Enough is enough. Please for goodness sake advise him and help him to stop the wrong doing.

Dont believe politicking will get him out of trouble. The only way to get out is to go back to the basics of nilai-nilai murni. As what he has committed is one of the worst wrongdoing as a Prime Minister of a country. You are not an ordinary person. It is not a mistake, it is a big and mega wrong doing!

Going forward, corruption must be prevented, the wrongdoing must be stopped!

The wrongdoing cannot go unpunished.

Otherwise Malaysia will be very hard to face the world with all the revelation of 1MDB case by US, Singapore, Switzerland and others with solid proof.

The principle towards corruption by the new MACC chairman whether it is politically correct or not. This is what the country needs. If the MACC chairman means her words "My job is clear - that is to combat corruption wherever (it is). With the support and encouragement of the people and my officers at MACC, we will change Malaysia(ns) to a community allergic to corruption and free from corruption,” ( ref: and we should support this principle whether it is the current or future MACC chairman.

Mr Wrongdoing Jho Low which is still free out there and trying to jeopardise the PH government. I'm worried for our country. This is the real Cash is King. If he is not arrested, the disease of corruption will continue to infect many insiders.

Last but not least, since it is Hari raya yang mulia I would like to share a pantun:

Minta maaf zahir & batin

Prinsip Islam sangatlah penting

Kalau salah tak boleh bising2

Suci dan budi janganlah pusing2

Written to mark 509 anniversary.

Inspired by and thanks to Mr.Najibs own conscious teaching on Islam values as seen in this video clip

Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew


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