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Part 3 : Wake Up Malaysians, The Time Has Come!

Updated: May 8, 2019

Defend the Constitution and defend the spirit of the Constitution. All important official positions come from the Constitution – from Prime Minister to Cabinet Ministers. The duration of the official position’s term is 5 years. The reputation and the integrity of these positions depend very much on the individual who contested for it and wanted to hold it. In otherwords, to defend the REPUTATION of the position is akin to defending the Constitution itself. When individuals from these honoured and reputed official positions are referred to derogatorily (‘thief’, ‘robber’ etc), it is an attack on the Constitution itself. Our Constitution doesn’t allow anybody to call one in an official post as such. The sanctity of the positions must be defended by those who hold the positions through the legal system, the police and by all other means available. The citizens too must defend these positions, as the Constitution doesn’t allow any wrongdoing by any individuals in the official posi-tions. Our judicial system too must act to defend and protect the Constitution.

Protect the Constitution and protectthe spirit of the Constitution. To protect simply means when provisions enshrined in the Constitution had been compromised or abused, we and the system must act and discharge our duties. For instance, if our house is robbed, the police must protect us and the judicial system must protect us. The police must act in accordance with the law in dealing with a simple case of a thief and the police, culprit and the law,law and the culprit. It should not be politi- cized and made so complicated; the judiciary power too must function impartially.

OATH. Aspiring Members of Parliament must also come clean and declare your direct family assets and income to the anti corruption agencies voluntary. Democracy as the fundamental principle of our Constitution and the spirit of “government of the people, by the people, for the people” can only be realized when all citizensperform their duty.

The Parliament has been dissolved. While we are waiting for the incoming legislative power and the administrative power to be elected by the people, the judiciary power must prevail and protectthe Constitution. Police, Judges, ElectionCommission, and the Anti-Corruption Agency must protect the country from anyand all ‘thieves’! Have a firm conviction that the Country comes first and not thecorrupt ugly politicians – honour your OATH and allegiance to Malaysia, not toany individual.

Parliament has been dissolved, from now to the polling day, exercise your electoral rights as citizens, as taxpayers. Re-member, the country comes first. Expressyour opinions, give your ideas and adviceto the future parliament members. Theymust be willing to serve the rakyat as public servants, not as owners - Government of the people, by the people, for the people. Democracy is the way forward..

Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew



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