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Part 2: Wake Up Malaysians, The Time Has Come

Updated: May 8, 2019

Today, the problems and the frustra- tions that we Malaysians are facing are due to the fact that everything is politi-cised. The political parties, the politics,the ugly politicians - they are so capableof POLITIZICING everything. For them,joining politics is akin to best business ven- ture without capital, and a privilege to fool around with TAXPAYERS’ hard-earned money!

A simple matter of black and white, a simple case of THE THIEF and THE LAW, the LAW and THE THIEF, they can turn black into white, hijack judicial power andturn everything into a big political fight.And they continue trampling, victimizing, and bullying innocent citizens with impu- nity! And NO respect and blatant contemptfor the Constitution.

The time has come to remind these ugly politicians that their morals, ethics, conduct and behaviour cannot qualify and befit them to become a candidate again. Theirfamily members and friends should advise them not to stand again for their own goodand for the good of the nation. Time stand testimony to the fact that ugly politics cannot escape the Judgement of History – which never makes mistakes; Judgement will come sooner or later, especially through the new media with people from all walks of life and beyond the shackles of power.

Parliament has now been dissolved. The time has come. We have to remindthem, that it’s time for them to be re-ex-amined by the people. Don’t let them take us for granted. Beside the votes, hold thepoliticians responsible for the Solemn Oaththey took. This is particularly true of ex-members of parliament who are making a return, the oath they had solemnly sworn according to the Constitution; that they willbear true faith and allegiance to Malaysia.

It’s time for us to examine if they were truthful to their oath; or instead, sad to say, were their allegiance more to money, being faithful to their greed, being loyal to cor- rupt and in the process betraying the piv- otal oath to “bear true faith and allegiance to Malaysia, and will preserve, protect anddefend its Constitution.” (Sixth Schedule Federal Constitution).

Wake up Malaysians, the time has come! Let’s join the Jalur Gemilang Patriotic Forum. Let’s believe in the power of patriotism.

The time has come!

DEFEND The Constitution and safeguard the Spirit of Rukun Negara.

Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew



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